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SunBlaster T5HO COMBO 60 cm

SunBlaster T5HO COMBO 60 cm

SKU: 000-36

The SunBlaste T5HO Lighting Kit with NanoTech Reflector is everything you need to get growing fast. Ful Spectrum 6400K light is ideally suited for leafy green production and seed starting.

Includes:6400K growing lamp, self-ballasted lamp fixture, NanoTech Refletor, Power cord with on/off switch, 14"Linking cord to conect multiple units, mputing and hanging clips.

Light Output 1500 LumensPower

Consumption 24 WattsRated

Life 10,000 Hours

Nominal Length 573 mm

Nominal Width 46 mm

Nominal Height 36 mm

Colour Temp 6400 Kelvin

Lighting Angle 103°

Voltage 110-130 Volts

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